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Me, Myself and My Photos | Alan Lim, Seremban Wedding Photographer

Date: 12/Dec’09 (Night)
Venue: My house, Seremban
Model: Bluewind’s son





  1. Danly Said,

    Wow~Many vivid pictures are present to our eye,especially the last one, remind our happy childhood.You did an outstanding job! ^_^

  2. DSvT Said,

    Thanks for your compliment…
    I will work more harder to snap more nicer photo for everyone…

  3. Danly Said,

    Well, we’re looking forward to your more and better works~ *_*

  4. leechon Said,

    Hi, we are going to have a charity event and we would like to partner you up as one of our site main photographers because we found out that your photos are real nice.

    We need photos for children to be our header and some contents.

    Hope that we can have further discussions perhaps?

    Thanks ya=)

  5. DSvT Said,

    Emm… sound interesting, please contact me by my email: alankllim [a] gmail [dot] com.

    Thanks, will try my best to capture more…

  6. leechon Said,

    Thanks a lot. I have sent an email to your inbox. Do check it out. Tell me if you did not receive it. =)

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