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Me, Myself and My Photos | Alan Lim, Seremban Wedding Photographer

Activity: Photo Session at Putrajaya 912
Date: 12.09.2009
Organizer: [Forum]
Model: Gigi

  1. hitomi Said,

    the last one is nice…but if the guy is not in the pic and the cropping is done, it will be perfect!! coz i love the reflection. ,make it just the girl and her own reflection

  2. kimhaur Said,

    good good~XD

  3. DSvT Said,

    Thanks. I knew the issue, but I don’t know how to crop it… Haiz…

    You went to 913?
    Sad I need to do my preparation can’t go….

  4. Cacing Said,

    Haha~ i prefer the last pic!!
    looks coOL!!

  5. DSvT Said,

    Teached by Sam, only I managed to snap it…

  6. Kun Said,

    yea…like wat hitomi said.. the guy ruined ur nice pic!

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