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Archive for April, 2009

My Living Room ceiling lamp. Above one with Flash and the below picture without Flash.



I bought this light From Avalon Seremban

QingMing – A day we gather together to tend to the graves of departed ones.

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1st Portrait Session with Friends… A friend/Junior of mine leaving, everyone Just wish to take photo with him. It should be sad and happy moment. Sad because we might rarely meet each other after this, Happy that he might find better future in else where…

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In Malaysia the Most Well planned city/district should be PutraJaya. Many people found it is different from other part of Malaysia. I like to go there when I got my free time…

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I like this bridge design, it looked special. Standing at here enjoys the sunset let me feel like I had been back to Tokyo, Japan. Last time I used to enjoys the sunset at Odaiba.

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I think I took lots of photos of this Putrajaya Masjid, I think the most beautiful one would be this time.

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