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Me, Myself and My Photos | Alan Lim, Seremban Wedding Photographer

Photo taken in front of Sri Bala Thandayuthapani Temple – Seremban, Malaysia.





  1. maomi Said,

    While you learn how to use the camera (technical part), also can try to improve photo composition (the way u capture the view). There are some golden rules to follow, it’ll make your photos look nicer~

  2. DSvT Said,

    Such like? Please teach, my master…

  3. maomi Said,

    please don’t call me master… i’m only good at telling people how to take good photo but not doing it myself… haha…

    anyway, you may want to refer to this site ( for photo composition rules.

    i always think that good composition is not easy to pick up. but once you master it, even using normal camera, your photos could stand out from others too~


  4. DSvT Said,

    Ok, friend…

    I think it is true to take picture correctly rather than just blindly capture…

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